Tesla launches VIP Test Drive program in Austria

Tesla has introduced a new VIP Test Drive program in Austria, a change that might be the first of more to come that impact the referral program.

In an email sent to Austrian Tesla owners today, the automaker says the new VIP program was developed to give owners the opportunity be among the first to test drive the new Model S/X and Berlin-made Model Y when they arrive in Europe.

The program works by an existing owner getting together at least five potential owners that are interested in a test drive. You collect and send their contact information to your local Tesla store, and they will set those five people up with test drives in a Model 3.

By doing so, the existing owner will become part of the VIP program. This provides the existing owner with what the automaker calls “preview test drives” of the new models.

It is difficult to tell what the real incentive is with this new program. Getting five people together won’t be easy for many owners, and after all that work you only get the opportunity for an early test drive. The fact that there are currently only 4 Tesla stores in Austria only makes it even less attractive since it would mean a long trip just for a short test drive.

Hopefully this isn’t the first change to the referral program that we told you about earlier today. Tesla is reportedly going to be getting rid of referral links and instead incentivize in-person referrals only.

So far we have only received a report of the email being sent in Austria. If you have received a similar email elsewhere, let us know in the comments or email us at tips@driveteslacanada.ca.

A full copy of the email can be found below (translated from Austrian)

“You have recently taken delivery of your new Tesla – we hope you enjoy it! Should you feel like a Tesla employee, since now you test drives in your circle of friends and acquaintances. we are in any case gladly available to contribute here accordingly. Our TESLA VIP program includes preview test drives with the new models Model S / Model X / Model Y for all Tesla owners who register at least 5 interested people for the Model 3 test drive. register. You provide us with the contact details (name / email address / mobile number)-we will get back to your contact within 24 hours in any case to arrange the Model 3 test drive. We are looking forward to your message! Test drives with Model S/X/Y will be arranged immediately after the arrival of the first test vehicles.”

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