Tesla Model 3 rated the greenest EV, Hummer EV comes in last [Update]

According to Bloomberg Green’s Electric Car Ratings, the Tesla Model 3 Long Range is the greenest electric vehicle (EV) you can buy on the market today. At the other end of the spectrum, the massive Hummer EV is the least green and ranks last out of the more than 30 EVs the publication ranked.

The green rating for each EV is based on two metrics which looks at how efficiently an EV travels down a road, and its battery size. The efficiency part of the equation is more heavily weighted (70%) and uses the EVs range rating and curb weight, while the battery size is compared against the industry benchmark, and weighted at 30%.

Bloomberg says their model doesn’t account for the “carbon cost of actually bolting together the parts and panels of a vehicle.”

With that in mind, the Model 3 LR topped the rankings with a green score of 74.2. The Standard Range Plus and Performance were also scored, but ranked lower at 66.6 and 64.4 respectively.

The second greenest EV was the Lucid Air with a score of 70.5, while the Model S coming in third at 68.2.

UPDATE 8:59pm PST: It looks like Bloomberg has updated their rankings, and the Lucid Air is now the greenest EV, and the Model 3 LR second. It is unclear what changed with the Model 3, but its score dropped from 74.2 down to 66.7, while the Air jumped from 70.5 to 71.1 seemingly due to a change in the range from 451 miles to 520 miles.


The Model S took third at 68.2 (UPDATE: still third but with a score of 68.2), while the Model Y LR ranked fifth with a score of 65.1 (UPDATE: still fifth but now a score of 61.2), and the Model X Plaid ninth at 57.3 (UPDATE: now 10th with 51.9).

Unsurprisingly the Hummer EV with a curb weight of over 9,000lbs, nearly twice that of the Model Y, came in last with a green score of just 30.5 (UPDATE: still last but with an even lower score of 27.4).

You can check out the full rankings below. (h/t: @kmartyn5)

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