Lucid Air sets new EV hypermiling record: 687.4 miles

The Lucid Air is the new king when it comes to hypermiling in an electric vehicle (EV) after it recently travelled 687.4 miles (1,106.23km) on a single charge.

Don’t get too excited that you can now buy a production EV that can travel nearly 700 miles on a single charge, as Ryan Levenson from The Kilowatts, with help from a few friends, drove in a 93.4 mile (150.3km) loop at around 27mph (43km/h) for well over 36 hours to accomplish the feat.

To ensure they were able to squeeze as much out of the 118kWh battery as possible, the drivers would even coast to a stop to switch out for fresh legs about every 3 hours.

Lucid themselves helped out with the record attempt, providing Levenson with the Air sedan and a service technician, which came in handy when they needed to replace a tire that was losing air.

The previous hypermiling record was set by Sean Mitchell and Erik Strait in a Tesla Model 3, driving it for 606.2 miles (975km) on a single charge.

Although it is no longer the record holder, it is arguably more impressive considering the Model 3 has a 75kWh battery pack and an EPA estimated range of 315 miles (at the time), compared to the mammoth 118kWh pack and 520 mile EPA rated range in the Lucid Air.

You can watch the full video below.

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