SpaceX launches Starlink service in North Macedonia

SpaceX continues the expansion of Starlink, announcing on Thursday the satellite internet service is now available in North Macedonia.

If you are unfamiliar with North Macedonia, it is a small country situated in southeastern Europe directly north of Greece.

The official SpaceX Twitter account announced the news, saying they were “excited to further access to high-speed, low-latency broadband internet in the Balkans.”

According to the Starlink website, customers will have to pay MKD39,700 (~$897 CAD) for Dishy McFlatface and related hardware, and pay MKD6,570 (~$145 CAD) each month for the service. Shipping and handling adds another MKD3,650 (~$80 CAD) to the overall price.

Add it all up and customers in North Macedonia will have to fork out MKD49,920 (~$1,105 CAD) to get up and running with Starlink.

Starlink is now available in 33 countries around the world and had nearly 500,000 at the beginning of June, according to an all-hands SpaceX meeting earlier this month.

Part of the reason the company now has nearly half a million subscribers is due to their new Starlink for RV service, which racked up more than 30,000 orders in the first month of it being available.

SpaceX receives over 30,000 Starlink for RV orders

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