Tesla Model S Plaid sets world record and comes within inches of breaking 9-second quarter mile barrier [Video]

Model S Plaid quarter mile record
Image via iSmell Butthurt /YouTube

When Tesla unveiled the Model S Plaid earlier this year, the automaker made the bold claim it was going to be the fastest production car ever made. Although it was a little later than planned, they have delivered on that promise with a car that has come within inches of breaking the 9-second quarter mile barrier.

Tesla’s official record with a completely stock Model S Plaid is just 9.23 seconds which Drive Tesla reported on exclusively before the car’s release. That number was unofficially beaten earlier this week in Illinois, where an owner stripped out the interior and set a new record time of 9.14 seconds at 154.67mph (248.92km/h).

That new unofficial record didn’t stand for long.

At the World Wide Technology Raceway in St. Louis this weekend a Model S Plaid set a new world record time of 9.08 seconds at 154.10 mph (248km/h).

Not many details are known about the run yet, but we do know the interior of the car was also stripped out to reduce weight.

It looks like it is not a matter of it, but when until someone runs a sub-9 second quarter mile in the Model S Plaid.

You can check out the full video below taken from the stands, which gives a great view of just how insanely fast this car is.

UPDATE: Another video added below from on the track.


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