Refreshed Tesla Model S spotted in Australia for the first time

The first refreshed Tesla Model S was spotted in Queensland, Australia this week for the first time, but many are still curious about when the vehicle will officially arrive down under.

Tesla last delivered a Model S in the country early 2021, and there has been no signs for those who have placed an order for the Model S since then when they can expect to receive one.

It appears as though this Model S is in Australia for testing by Tesla. It is a left-hand-drive vehicle, whereas the Australian market is right-hand drive, and according to a report by The Driven, the plates indicate it is in the country for commercial use. Tesla has not confirmed its arrival or use.

This is a good sign that deliveries could begin soon, but no refreshed Model S right-hand-driver models have been produced thus far. So, it is still unclear when models will make their way to Australia from the Fremont factory, the only Tesla Gigafactory that produces the flagship sedan.

It is also unclear if Australian orders which have yet to take delivery will also enjoy the price cuts that happened in other markets.

Tesla relaunched the Model S in June 2021 in the US, followed a few months later with the first deliveries taking place in Canada. The Model S has since expanded to Europe, but only a few months ago after a two year hiatus, and deliveries in China are expected to begin soon.

So, at least to say, Australians waiting for their new Model S are still waiting and not exactly sure what they will be paying.

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