The next software update for your Model 3 will include Deep Rain aka smart wipers

Just days after Tesla released the 2019.36.2.1 software update to their fleet of vehicles, with several great updates like the 5% power increase and one pedal driving, details of the next software update have already been revealed.

2019 40 Tesla Software Update

The interesting feature of this update is the automatic wiper improvements. Many owners have complained about the wipers not reacting quickly enough to the changing weather conditions, forcing them to use them manually. Tesla CEO Elon Musk also recently elaborated on the development of their Deep Rain neural net, which now appears set to be released.

Tesla vehicles don’t have a rain sensor, but instead rely on its network of cameras to determine when to turn the wipers on, and to determine the speed of the wipers. According to the release notes, any manual intervention to the wipers when in automatic mode will be captured and used to train and improve the neural network for improvements in future software updates.

The other important update in this release is the missing Supercharger improvements for the Model 3. This was originally released in 2019.36.2, but several bugs resulted in the update being pulled very quickly. By the time 2019.36.2.1 came out, this feature had been removed. With this, Model 3’s will be able to cut Supercharging time by up to 70%.

Who’s looking forward to having smart wipers on their Tesla?

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