The Boring Company’s plans for a Fort Lauderdale tunnel could be dead

The Boring Company‘s Fort Lauderdale tunnel project is losing steam and could die before it becomes a reality. As of the most recent update from local officials the project has not been pronounced dead yet but is at a bit of a standstill.

So far, the city has invested $50,000 on the original $375,000 dollar study that is supposed to look into the feasibility of the tunnel that would take passengers from downtown to the coast. However, many councilors do not want to spend more money on the project.

The Boring Company’s latest proposal to the city is to have the city pay the remaining balance on the study, and the company will bear the rest of the cost of the project. Current estimates put the full project cost at around $100 million.

Fort Lauderdale’s Vice Commissioner Warren Sturman had this to say on the project:

Hesitant doesn’t even begin to explain how I feel about it. The project, in my opinion, seems to be ridiculous. We call it more like an A-ticket ride from Disney. It’s more of an amusement ride than solving a transportation issue… I think that it’s time to cut our losses and just move on.” (via WTFS)

However, Commission Steven Glassman is still hopeful and has reached out to the Boring Company on if there are any other ways to move forward. He has also tasked the City Manager to reach out to cities that pulled out of Boring Company projects for a reason, and will report his findings back to the commission in the coming months.

So, the project is not dead, but you can say it is on life support.

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