Tesla offering Model S/X buyers a discount or free Supercharging on trade-ins

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Credit: Toms Guide

Tesla is not done yet making its cars cheaper. It has started running a promotion that allows its customers to choose between a discount or free Supercharging in the US. The offer is only being made available to buyers of new Model S and Model X who are also trading in their old vehicle.

Tesla buyers were excited when the company ushered in the New Year with significant price cuts. However, the automaker was just starting, as its customers now have another way to reduce costs.

If they purchase the Model S or Model X via a trade-in, they can choose between a $3,000 discount or three years of free charging at Tesla’s Superchargers, as reported by Teslarati.

Unfortunately this promo is unavailable to Model 3 and Model Y buyers. Drive Tesla has been able to confirm the existence of the incentive offer, and has been told it is not available through the online store or when visiting a retail location in person, and is only available if contacted directly by the Ownership Loyalty Team.

The offer might not be around for long as a customer rep said the discount is available if the buyers make their orders soon as the offer expires in February. This means a Model S or Model X can be had for up to $16,000 less than last year’s prices.

Tesla delivered over 1.3 million cars in 2022 but is trying to make its existing customers buy new cars.

Ford has joined the list of automakers responding to Tesla’s discounts. It has announced discounts of up to $5,900 on the Mustang Mach-E earlier today. On the other hand, VW says it will not react to Tesla’s price cuts.