Tesla adds round steering wheel option for new Model S and Model X orders, paid retrofit available for existing owners

When Tesla launched the refresh Model S and Model X the most controversial feature was its yoke steering wheel. The feedback from fans and critics alike was swift and that Tesla should offer a traditional round steering wheel option.

Despite this option appearing in the code of the configurator when it launched, CEO Elon Musk said in no uncertain terms that there was no chance of a round steering wheel option to come.

Tesla appears to have listened to the feedback and has updated the Design Studio to now allow new buyers to select between a traditional round steering wheel or the yoke steering wheel.

According to the website either option is included with the price of the vehicle and there is no additional charge to select one over the other. Interestingly, the Design Studio defaults to the round steering wheel option.

According to the Tesla website however, existing owners will have to pay $960 CAD or $700 USD to add the round steering wheel to their cars. Retrofits will be available beginning March 2023.

Credit: Tesla

Another controversial feature that came with the yoke steering wheel was the lack of stalks. Based on the image in the configurator there are still no stalks and it still looks to have all the same capacitive buttons on it for actions like the turn signals, horn, and more.

There is supposed to be a software update to allow the airbag to be the horn, but that has yet to be deployed to cars.

Along with the interior change, there is also a small exterior change to both of the flagship vehicles. Tesla has removed the ‘T’ logo from the rear trunk, and added ‘T E S L A’ letter to the applique on the trunk as well. No similar change has been made to the Model 3 or Model Y. On the Plaid variant they have also brought back the red brake calipers and according to the description added “Higher thermal capability brake calipers.”

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