Up close look at the new Tesla Model 3 headlights

One of the features of the refreshed Tesla Model 3 that doesn’t like to be photographed are the new headlights.

We received a leaked photo of the new headlight in August (seen above), which at the time was believed to be coming with another big change, a power trunk.

Those rumours were backed up by a long list of changes leaked in China a month later. Then earlier this week we saw the first confirmed photo of a pre-refresh Model 3 in China sporting the new headlights.

That photo was taken from a distance, but now we have our first up-close look at the elusive headlights sent in by a Drive Tesla reader (click to enlarge).

Tesla Model 3 refresh headlight

From the photo, it is still difficult to tell if the the new bulb on the outer edge of the housing is adaptive as initially speculated. The new bulb certainly does resemble those found in adaptive headlights found on many other vehicles, like these from Audi.



According to the person who sent in this photo, it was also taken in China, the same location as the photo from earlier this week. Given that we haven’t seen these headlights appear in North America, these could be limited to certain markets.

Do you like the look of the new headlights? Do you think they are adaptive? Let us know in the comments below.

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