More changes than just new headlights and power trunk coming to the Model 3

Last month Drive Tesla was first to report on the newly designed “Beaded Basin” frunk design, which indicated the heat pump from the Model Y could soon make its way into the Model 3.

Soon after, we received some leaked photos of a Tesla Model 3 which according to our tipster showed off two other big changes – new headlights and a power trunk. After some investigation, it became clear these changes hadn’t made it into production just yet.

Comparison of the new headlight (L) and the original design (R)

Now a new rumour has appeared on the Chinese social media site Weibo, suggesting the new headlights and power trunk are not the only changes coming for the Model 3.

First posted to Twitter by @Tesla__Mania, who is friends with the Weibo user, there is a lengthly list of changes including a new tailights, steering wheel, center console, and more.

As you can see from this list, Tesla isn’t making small tweaks but instead coming close to a complete redesign, at least for a few key features.

Probably the most interesting of those are the inclusion of the Octovalve and the “double layer glass” which is purportedly being added for better noise isolation in the cabin.

According to the source of the information, who has proven reliable in the past, the changes will first appear on the made-in-China Model 3’s. Given Tesla’s history of adding new features in China first, like the wireless charger and USB-C ports, we expect these to also make their way to the Model 3’s built out of Fremont.

When these changes will first appear is still unknown, but based on information we received after receiving the leaked photos, they could come as soon as October.

The timing of the release of this list is interesting, as we were able to check out a newly built Model 3 in person today. While looking at the trunk we noticed some new changes that support the rumour of a power trunk coming to the electric sedan, even in North America.

Here is the original post from Weibo.

Weibo Model 3 changes list

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