Tesla Parts Catalog updated to include new Model 3 heat pump

One of the biggest items upgraded in the refreshed Model 3, the new heat pump, has been added back to the online Parts Catalog.

The idea of a heat pump in the electric sedan first began after Tesla updated the design of the frunk to closely resemble that of the Model Y, which already has a heat pump.

Before any official announcements were made by Tesla, the online Parts Catalog was updated to include a new “Cabin Hvac” system for cars manufactured after October 5, 2020. It appeared someone mistakenly added the information as it mysteriously disappeared a few hours later.

Now Tesla has re-added the Cabin Hvac (After October 5, 2020) section to its website, and it shares a number of parts with the Model Y.

Tesla Parts Catalog Model 3
Model 3 Parts Catalog

Tesla has been able to drastically increase the range of the Model 3 because of the new heat pump. The Standard Range Plus (SR+) increased from 402km to 423km. The Long Range (LR) saw the biggest increase from 518km to 568km, while the Performance variant also increased from 468km to 507km.

With winter fast approaching, we’ll no doubt see numerous tests of both the Model Y and now the Model 3 to see how range and efficiency are impacted in cold weather.

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