First road noise test of the new 2021 Model 3 with laminated windows

One of the big changes to the new Tesla Model 3 was the addition of laminated (double pane) windows, which are intended to reduce interior cabin noise.

One of the first customers to take delivery of a refresh Model 3 in Salt Lake City, Utah decided to test just how loud (or quiet) it is with the new windows.

David Narayan, who has also given us a close look at the new aero covers, used his phone as the decibel meter, so the results of this test should be taken with a (large) grain of salt.

While driving at speeds around 50mph (80km/h), Narayan’s sound app hovered around 70db, dipping to as low as 57-58db at one point.

When speeds increased to around 70mph (112km/h), the app registered a little higher, averaging around 74db.

So how does that compare to the current Model 3 with single pane windows? In 2019 Bjørn Nyland conducted a series of tests on 20 different electric vehicles (EVs), including all three variants of the Model 3. In his tests, all three were near the bottom of the list, averaging 68db and 69db at three different speed levels.

Tesla Model 3 noise test
Image via Bjørn Nyland /YouTube

Keeping in mind this latest test was simply conducted with a smart phone app, we are still left wondering what kind of an impact the laminated windows make in terms of road noise. Hopefully we’ll see some tests with a real decibel meter performed soon, so we can get a true sense of the improvements.

Check out the full video below.

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