In-depth video of the refreshed Tesla Model 3

With the refreshed Tesla Model 3 about to be handed over to lucky new owners in the next few weeks, we get our first look at some of the changes thanks to an in-depth video from upcarhg in Hong Kong.

The video kicks off showing the gorgeous deep metallic red colour, new factory black trim, and laminated (double pane) windows which we have already seen before.

The hosts also confirm something we already suspected – Giga Shanghai is not currently manufacturing the new Model 3’s, but the production lines will be switched over soon.

Power Trunk

We then get our first look at the new power trunk in action. While attempting to close it, the host shows off the pinch sensor by standing in the path of the trunk lid, which reverses and goes back up after applying little pressure to his shoulder. We also get a look at the button to close the trunk, which is the same as the one seen in the Model Y.

The hosts also mention new weather stripping with holes to prevent water from falling into the trunk. This feature has been in place for several months as we spotted it on an August built Model 3.

Model 3 trunk button

Door Exit Buttons

A change we first noticed on the Design Studio, we get confirmation that the door exit buttons recently introduced on the Model Y are now also on the Model 3. This should hopefully help with passengers not knowing how to get out of the car.

Tesla Model 3 door handle

Metallic Steering Wheel Controls

One of the more minor changes is to the Model 3 steering wheel, which now has metallic scroll wheels. This should give the Model 3 a more high-end feel.

Interestingly, the hosts don’t confirm what has been rumoured to be a major new feature, the heated steering wheel.

Tesla Model 3 steering wheel buttons

Tesla 64GB USB Storage

We already knew Tesla had added another USB port in the glovebox for Sentry Mode, and that it would include a USB drive as standard. In the video, we see the small Tesla branded 64GB USB drive.

Tesla USB flash drive

Micro-suede Wireless Charger & Center Console

Not to be left out, we also get a close look at the micro-suede wireless charger and center console. It will be interesting to see how well phones stay on the charging mat under hard acceleration.

Tesla Model 3 wireless charger suede

Check out the full video below for all the details.

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