Tesla to offer Model 3 “Upgrade Trim Kit” soon: Rumour

When Tesla officially announced a long list of upgrades for the newest Model 3 last month, probably the question everyone asked was – retrofit?

It looks like at least some of those prayers might be answered soon based on the latest rumour. According to a user on Reddit, a representative from their local Service Center revealed the automaker will soon be releasing and “upgrade trim kit” for owners of the original Model 3.

Before you get your hopes up too high, the Tesla employee also reportedly revealed the price for the kit, saying it would be about $1,800 USD ($2,355 CAD).

Unfortunately no details were provided on what exactly would be included in the “upgrade trim kit”. Going by the name alone we are assuming it will be limited to the all new factory black trim.

While the price might seem high at first, it won’t be as simple as removing the chrome pieces. According to the Tesla Parts Catalog, the rear quarter quarter trim piece is actually integrated with the window, so you will need to replace two windows at the same time.

Tesla Model 3 windows from parts catalog

The side mirrors would likely also need to be replaced as they appear to be a single unit. That would also mean a possible upgrade to the auto-dimming mirrors if your Model 3 was delivered without them.

The side repeater cameras may need to be replaced as well as the chrome piece can be removed, but not easily.

The user also reportedly confirmed with the Tesla employee that the power trunk will not be able to be retrofitted. This follows what we have said since we first revealed the power trunk back in August due to the way the automaker runs the power through the side of the trunk.Refresh Model 3 trunk strut

Would you pay $1,800 USD ($2,355 CAD) to upgrade to the factory black trim, or stick with paying a few hundred dollars for a vinyl chrome delete kit? Let us know in the comments below.

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