Unlike the Tesla Model 3, Ford expecting Mach-E to depreciate rapidly

Ford Mach-E home wall charger

The Ford Mustang Mach-E hasn’t even hit the streets yet, but based on internal documents the automaker is expecting it to have very poor resale value.

According to a lease residual value bulletin sent to dealers in advance of the first deliveries, Ford is predicting its Mach-E to be worth just 39% of the original MSRP after three years. After four years, the number is slightly better, bottoming out at 32% among the various trim options.

Ford Mach-E lease residuals
Chart via MachEClub.com


These numbers are in stark contrast to Tesla Model 3 resale values, which have proven to be the best in the used car market. Earlier this year iSeeCars conducted a study on the best cars to buy new over used. The results found the Model 3 lost just 5.5% of its value after one year, or $2,529 USD.

There are a few caveats to be aware of in the comparison between the Mach-E and the Model 3. The first is the Mach-E values are based on 3 and 4 year terms, whereas the Model 3 was based on just 1 year.

The second is that the Model 3 is a sedan, and the Mach-E is an SUV. The Model Y might be better vehicle to compare against, but there is limited data available on its residual value.

According to CAREdge.com, the Model Y will be worth 58.43% of its original value after three years, and 50.04% after four years. Still quite a bit better than what Ford is anticipating.

Model Y depreciation
Chart via CAREdge.com
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