Tesla reintroduces auto-dimming side mirrors to the Model 3 [Update]

Tesla has very quietly reintroduced a controversial feature to the Model 3 – auto dimming side mirrors.

Many owners complained about the auto-dimming side mirrors, claiming the darkening made them virtually unusable at night.

Earlier this year, some very happy owners began reporting the feature was missing from their cars. Soon after, Tesla updated the Design Studio to longer reference the mirrors.

When the Model Y was launched in early March in the US, it didn’t come with the auto-dimming side mirrors either, but the rear-view mirror retained the feature.

Now half a year later, Tesla has seemingly brought the auto-dimming mirrors back to the Model 3 as standard equipment.

A Drive Tesla reader from Regina sent us this picture of his Long Range Model 3 built in September 2020. In it you can clearly see the dark outline around the edge, signifying the feature has returned (click to enlarge). As a comparison, here is a picture of a “normal” side mirror on a Model 3 produced earlier this year.

Tesla Model 3 dimming mirror

UPDATE: Another Drive Tesla reader has sent us a photo of his September built Model 3, also with the auto-dimming mirrors.

Tesla auto dimming side mirror

We have also been able to verify with several other owners they also have the same mirrors. It appears as though the switch hasn’t made it to the Model Y as one owner who received their electric SUV two weeks ago in Vancouver tells us his car does not have them. This could be due to the fact the Model Y side-mirror is a different shape than the one found on the Model 3.

Unlike when the feature was removed, Tesla has yet to update the Design Studio. Configurations for both the Model 3 and Model Y still show the same “Power folding, heated side mirrors” as standard.

Tesla design studio mirrors

If you’re frustrated the feature has returned, you might not have to worry about your mirrors being too dark for much longer. In May, CEO Elon Musk said on Twitter an option to adjust and or disable the darkening would be coming in a software update.

Let us know in the comments below whether your recently delivered Tesla also has the auto-dimming side mirrors.

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