Billing error leaves Tesla owner in China with nearly $777,000 Supercharger bill


Last week Tesla raised Supercharger prices in Canada, making plugging in and charging your vehicle quite a bit more expensive.

But it is nothing compared to what one Tesla owner in China experienced after receiving a Supercharger bill for more than $776,990 CAD ($608,000 USD).

According to CnEVPost, a Weibo user shared images of a notification from his mobile app that his access to the Supercharger network had been cut off due to unpaid bill for ¥3,846,306.

Making it even stranger, the owner reportedly still had free Supercharger credits.

The stats showed it was obviously some kind of bug as the owner was being billed for 1,923,720 kWh at ¥2 per kWh, or the equivalent of charging over 32,000 times form 0 to 100%.

Fortunately after bringing the massive bill to the attention of Tesla customer service acknowledged the error and said they would correct it as soon as they can.

Tesla updates Supercharger fee structure in Canada following similar changes in the US [Update]

Source: CnEVPost

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