Tesla changes pricing structure, lowers prices of all vehicles in Canada

It was just two months ago that Tesla quietly raised the prices of almost all its vehicles in Canada, with the only exception being the Model 3 Standard Range Plus (SR+).

At the time, it was thought the falling value of the Canadian dollar against the US dollar was the reason for the increase.

Now with no real change in value of the Canadian dollar, Tesla has decided lowered the prices of all its vehicles, to prices lower than before the previous price increase. The price changes were also seen in the US and China, and are viewed by many as Tesla trying to increase demand before the end of the second quarter.

Model 3 Price Changes

As mentioned, all three variants of the Model 3 have seen a price drop today, and all three have dropped by $3,000.

The Standard Range Plus has dropped from $55,990 to $52,990, the Long Range has dropped $67,990 to $64,990, and the Performance Model 3 has dropped from $77,990 to $74,990.

Tesla Model 3 price changes in Canada

For those customers in British Columbia who want to buy the SR+, that means with the available $5,000 federal incentive and the $3,000 B.C. incentive, you can now buy it for just $44,990. After taxes, you’ll be paying $51,338 in BC.

The deal is even better in Quebec, where residents there are eligible for the $8,000 provincial rebate, bringing the price to $39,990 before taxes.

Model S Price Changes

With the higher starting price, the Model S has seen a more significant decrease for both variants.

The Long Range Plus now starts at $105,990, down $7,000 from $112,990. The Performance also saw a $7,000 price drop, now starting at $130,990.
Tesla Model S price changes Canada

In addition to the price changes for the Model S, Tesla has also removed the perk of free unlimited Supercharging for the life of the vehicle.

Model X Price Changes

The Model X was not to be left out of the price changes, seeing the same $7,000 price drop for both variants.

The Long Range Plus now starts at $112,990, and the Performance version starts at $137,990.

Tesla Model X price changes Canada

Unfortunately much like the Model S, free unlimited Supercharging has also been removed from the Model X.

Model Y Price Changes

For those hoping for a similar price drop of the unreleased Model Y after seeing the price increase two months ago, you’re out of luck. Tesla has kept the price of the Long Range Model Y in Canada at $75,990, and the Performance version at $85,990.

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Price Changes in the US

When Tesla raised prices in Canada two months ago, US customers were saved from the increase. This time, they also saw similar price cuts across the lineup of Tesla vehicles.

For the Model 3 in the US, the SR+ now starts at a very attractive $37,990USD, down $2,000. The LR now starts at $54,990USD and the Performance version starts at $60,990USD.

The Model S and Model X saw similar $5,000 price drops in the US. Now the most expensive Performance Model S starts under $100K at $99,990USD. The LR+ Model S starts at $94,990USD.

The LR+ Model X starts at $74,990USD, and the Performance version now starts at $79,990USD.

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