Tesla Model 3 becomes Europe’s best selling car, regardless of fuel type, for the first time

According to sales data from Jato Dynamics, the Tesla Model 3 was the best-selling car in September in Europe, electric or otherwise.

Not only does this mark the first time that an electric vehicle (EV) has topped the sales charts, but it also marked the first time that a car made outside of Europe has been a monthly best-seller.

According to the data, Tesla sold 24,591 Model 3’s in September. The Renault Clio, an economical “supermini” car took the number two spot with 18,264 sales.

The Dacia Sandero with 17,988 units, the Volkswagen Golf with 17,507 vehicles, and the Fiat/Abarth 500 with 16,349 cars rounds out the top five.

europe sept 2021

For EV’s specifically, Tesla held two of the top three spots in Europe.

The Model 3 came in first, and the Model Y was the second best selling EV after moving 8,926 units. The Volkswagen ID.3 sold 8,302 vehicles to claim third place.

However, neither the Model Y nor Volkswagen ID.3 broke into the top 10 overall vehicle sales.

In terms of overall market share, Tesla leads in Europe with a 24% market share. Volkswagen comes in second with 22% of the market, and Stellantis is third with 13%.

Tesla Model 3 outsells the European competition 4-to-1 in March

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