Tesla launches upgraded Model 3 in North America

Tesla has launched the upgraded Model 3 in North America, releasing the new design in Canada and the US just a few months after its debut in China, Europe, and Asia-Pacific markets last year.

According to an update to the Design Studio on Tuesday night, only the Rear-Wheel Drive (RWD) and Long Range (LR) variants are available to purchase, still leaving questions about when the Performance variant will re-appear.

However, we won’t have to wait long to see the upgraded Model 3 on our roads. According to the online configurator, the first deliveries of the RWD and LR variants are expected to take place as soon as this month in both Canada and the US.

Unlike the initial launch in other markets, not much has changed with the upgraded Model 3 in North America. In both Canada and the US pricing has remained the same, as well as the estimated ranges for both the RWD and LR variants. This means both variants still qualify for the $5,000 federal rebate in Canada, as well as the provincial incentives where applicable.

The new 19″ Nova wheels are still a C$2,000/US$1,500 add-on, with the 18″ Photon wheels still included in the base version of the electric sedan.

18″ Photon Wheels (L) & 19″ Nova Wheels (R)

While the specs and pricing of the Model 3 have not changed for the North American market, that doesn’t mean you’re still getting the same vehicle. The exterior has undergone a redesign with new headlights and taillights, new aero features to maximize efficiency, and the aforementioned new wheels.

The interior has seen more of a redesign, with new “more sophisticated material,” ventilated front seats interior RGB lighting, a new steering wheel (with no gear or turn signal stalks), larger and brighter center display, a new rear screen, and more.

While the interior has seen some substantial upgrades, the black interior is still the standard option, with the white interior still adding an extra C$1,300/$1,000 to the final price.

There are also a number of more significant changes to parts of the vehicle you can’t see. Tesla says the upgraded Model 3 has a more refined & relaxed ride quality, thanks to a combination of stiffer body and updated suspension tuning. All windows have been updated with acoustic glass resulting in significantly less road and wind noise.

Here is a short video Tesla released on X (formerly Twitter) announcing the launch of the upgraded Model 3 in North America.

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