Demand for the Model 3 Standard Range Plus (SR+) shows no signs of slowing down, delivery estimates now indicating July 2022

No matter what Tesla does to try and temper demand, it appears people are still clamoring to buy the Model 3 Standard Range Plus (SR+).

Just last week the automaker increased the price of the entry-level variant by $2,000 in the U.S., one of the single biggest price increases in recent years (aside from the Plaid $10K price increase).

Even with the big jump in price, lots of people are still ordering it. According to the Design Studio, orders for the SR+ Model 3 is now showing an estimated delivery date of July 2022.

The extremely long wait is visible on both the Canadian and U.S. sites, and is only applicable to the standard white paint and aero wheels. All other configurations of the SR+ show an April 2022 delivery date.

As is always the case, these dates are just an estimate, and there is a good chance you will receive your car earlier than anticipated, but the estimates give a good indication over time of how many customers are placing orders.

The new date comes just two weeks after Tesla pushed delivery dates into June, meaning they sold out an entire month’s production capacity in that time.

One way Tesla could try to shorten the wait times for customers is to offer them a car with the LFP battery. The automaker employed this method a few months ago in California, and just yesterday the first LFP Model 3s appeared on Canada’s existing inventory website.

Customers who opted for this new battery were able to take immediate delivery, instead of having to wait until the new year to receive their cars.

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