Tesla website in Germany hints at Model 3 Standard Range Plus (SR+) with larger battery coming soon

If the source code behind Tesla’s website is anything to go by, Europeans taking delivery of a made-in-China Standard Range Plus (SR+) Model 3 soon might be getting a larger battery and more range than they thought they would.

On the existing inventory section of Tesla’s website in Germany are several SR+ sedans listed with slightly different names. Some are named “Model 3 Standard Plus”, while others are named just “Standard Plus.”

Other than that small difference, the specifications of each car are identical.

tesla germany
Image via Tesla

While most probably wouldn’t even notice the slight variation or think anything of it, some keen-eyed fans from TFF-forum.de did notice and dug a little deeper. According to the source code, there is actually another difference between the two cars.

The “Standard Plus” has a battery code of BTF0, while the “Model 3 Standard Plus” has a battery code of BTF1, which is reportedly a new 60kWh LFP battery pack from CATL.

According to a lengthy thread on the different battery options by one of our readers Julien, this new battery was approved for use in the EU earlier this summer. Based on the certification, it can travel 493km (306 miles) according to the WLTP rating schedule, or about 10% more than what is currently listed on Tesla’s website in Germany.

If all this internet sleuthing pans out, we should see some updated figures from Tesla soon. And with Tesla’s recent announcement that they are switching all Standard Range vehicles to LFP batteries, they could also be coming to North America soon.

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