New Tesla Solar Roof tiles spotted at Fremont factory

Tesla solar roof aerial
Image via @paul91701736 /Twitter

Tesla has recently built two test houses at its factory in Fremont and a recent flyover spotted a brand new variant of the Solar Roof tiles being installed.

So far all of the V3 Solar Roof tiles that been installed on houses across the U.S. have been textured and in a dark grey colour. When this latest iteration of the tiles were unveiled in 2019, there were three other ‘finishes’ shown, including Tuscan, Smooth, and Slate.

V3 solar tiles

It appears as though Tesla is preparing to introduce the ‘Textured’ tiles in a new colour, one that closely resembles that of the Tuscan tile.

Image via @paul91701736 /Twitter

As you can see from the image, the tiles are the same shape as the Textured tiles but does not appear to have the smooth finish of the Tuscan tiles.

After years of waiting, Tesla is finally bringing the Solar Roof tiles to Canada. Job postings last year hinted at the introduction coming soon, but CEO Elon Musk made it official in a statement on Twitter last month.

h/t: Teslarati

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