Tesla to reverse solar price hike for some customers

Powerwall and Solar

According to court filings, Tesla is trying to appease some Tesla Solar customers who faced a sudden price hike earlier this year.

Tesla informed the plaintiffs that the prices would return to the original price for customers who signed Solar Roof contracts before April 2021.

Tesla Solar was a party in three separate lawsuits. These suits allege that Tesla Solar had already signed contracts with customers, and the sudden price increases were not legal. The three lawsuits were then consolidated into Aman’s v Tesla Inc., according to a report from CNBC.

The amounts in question were not trivial. Matthew Aman’s solar roof cost went up from $72,000 in his original contract to a revised price of $146,000.

Tesla hiked prices for its solar installations twice this year. Additionally, the company made it mandatory for customers who ordered solar panels or roof tiles to also order the Powerwall home energy storage system.

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As of yesterday, further details were not available. Neither Tesla nor the Engage website supports and advocates for customers commented on the potential deal.

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