Rivian R1T spotted in South Korea hinting at possible battery partnership or expansion

The Rivian R1T electric pickup truck is expected to begin deliveries this summer.

It has been spotted many times over the last few months road testing in various states, sporting flashy wraps that the automaker may one day add as an option for buyers.

So far the only time the EV has been seen outside of the U.S. was in 2019 when it ended up on Vancouver Island for some promotional filming.

Now it has been seen all the way in South Korea, hinting Rivian might be expanding into the country next.

Photos of the vinyl-wrapped truck were posted to Instagram by ukko.kr, who expressed his surprise at seeing the R1T so far away from the automaker’s home base of Michigan.

The appearance of the truck in South Korea could also indicate a possible partnership with LG Chem. Rivian has yet to officially announce their battery supplier, but according to a report from Teslarati Rivian imported nearly 12,933 kg (28,500 lbs) of the 2170 cells from LG Chem in 2018.

The R1T will come in three different variants. The most expensive Launch Edition, priced at $75,000 USD ($94,800 CAD) will be handed over to customers beginning in June 2021 in the U.S. followed by Canadian deliveries in November.

The Adventure model will ship in January 2022, also with a base price of $75,000 USD. There will also be a base Explore model arriving at the same time, priced at $67,500 USD ($85,300 CAD).

h/t: Rivian Owners Forum

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