Tesla Solarglass Roof coming soon to Canada

In October 2019, Tesla unveiled the latest version of their solar roof tile, dubbed Solarglass. At the same time, CEO Elon Musk said installations of the new product would ramp up soon, but only in the US.

Canadians were hoping Solarglass would make its way to Canada next, but a few months later in February, Musk confirmed the next markets for the product would be Europe and China, with no mention of Canada.


While no announcement has been made for those markets yet, it looks like Canada could actually be next in line based on job posting on Tesla’s website spotted by Drive Tesla reader Simon Wong.

There are currently three jobs listed in the Toronto area – Lead Solar Roofer, Solar Roofer, and Commercial Service Field Technician.

Tesla Solar Roofer Canada

According to the job description for the Solar Roofer which was posted on September 1 2020, the qualified candidate would be responsible for completing “residential re-roofs and Solarglass Roof installations safely and on time.

The Lead Solar Roofer, also posted on September 1 2020, would be part of Tesla’s Field Energy Operations team, and oversee and work with Solar Roofers to complete the installation and maintenance of Tesla Energy products.

Both of these job postings are only listed for Toronto, but the Commercial Field Service Electrician is more widespread with postings for Toronto, Nova Scotia, Winnipeg, Montreal, and Calgary. The job description is a little more broad as it lists the responsibilities as including “Commercial solar PV systems, batteries, and electric vehicle charging stations.

Despite the job postings, the Tesla Canada website still does not have anything more than a page to submit your contact information to place an order reservation. The form doesn’t currently appear to be working, but orders can be taken as seen in this photo shared by another Drive Tesla reader, Chansoo Byeon (we were unable to submit an order as we got an error message each time we tried).

Tesla Solar order

Since no official announcement has been made for the expansion into Canada, no details on pricing are available. When it was first launched, Tesla said the cost of the Solarglass roof, along with the energy savings as a result, would be comparable to a similar setup with conventional roof tiles and solar panels.

When Tesla Solarglass roof officially makes it to Canada, will you be ordering it for your house? Let us know in the comments below.

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