Tesla stops taking Cybertruck orders outside North America

With the Tesla Cybertruck not set to start production until 2023, and enough reservations to keep Tesla busy for three years, the automaker has stopped taking orders for the electric truck outside of North America.

According to an update to the Cybertruck website for Europe and China on Saturday, customers can now only sign up to receive updates on the electric truck.

Tesla opened Cybertruck reservations in China in July 2021 and in Europe on the night of the reveal in November 2019.

Orders can still be placed in North America (Canada, US, Mexico).

This isn’t the first change Tesla has made to the Cybertruck website since it was first announced.

In October 2021 Tesla removed the ability to select a Cybertruck variant (single motor, dual motor, tri motor) and all pricing information, leaving customers only able to put down $150 CAD/$100 USD to place their name in the very long lineup of reservations.

They have also removed any production estimates from the website. It originally said production was slated to being in “late 2021,” before changing to “2022” and then being removed altogether in January of 2022.

According to the most recent update from CEO Elon Musk during the Cyber Rodeo event at Giga Texas, the Cybertruck (along with the Semi and Roadster) will enter production in 2023.

Musk has also stated in a recent interview that they have received enough reservations to meet their production capacity for the next three years, meaning new orders being placed today likely won’t be delivered until 2026 if there are no more delays to the start of production.

During that same interview Musk also warned that they might have to stop taking orders on new vehicles due to “ridiculous” levels of demand, although he was likely referring to vehicles already in production like the Model Y which has delivery wait times of around one year.

What we learned about the Tesla Cybertruck from its appearance at the Cyber Rodeo

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