Tesla Model Y likely to emerge as Europe’s best-selling car in 2023

Tesla’s Model Y may have snatched the crown of the best-selling car in Europe, even though the year has two months left. This is according to sales data by Dataforce that shows the electric SUV is convincingly ahead of its closest contender between January and October.

Tesla only has to maintain its lead in the remaining months, which is very likely as the Model Y usually enjoys increased sales as the year winds down.

The closest competitor to the Model Y is the Dacia Sandero. According to data pulled by Dataforce from 92 percent of the European auto market for the first ten months of 2023, the Sandero had a slim lead of 289 over the Model Y. However, the outstanding 8 percent included Sweden, where the Model Y was the best-seller in October with 14,319, handily beating the Sandero, which accumulated just 1,048 sales. (via Automotive News)

In reality, Sweden and the rest of the remaining 8 percent added 28,718 units to Model Y’s 10-month total for Europe, while they added only 13,394 to the Sandero. This leaves the Model Y with a leading margin of 15,035, a difference the Sandero likely won’t be able to overcome in November and December. This is because historical sales figures show Tesla usually has 67 percent of its annual sales in December. The SUV also usually tops the charts in the last month of a quarter.

If the Model Y maintains its lead, it will become the first electric car to be crowned best-seller for the year in Europe.

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