New photos confirm Tesla Cybertruck Alpha prototype has instrument cluster display and Auto Shift out of Park

The Tesla Cybertruck prototype that arrived at Giga Texas over the weekend has generated a lot of excitement among workers at the factory, with many taking photos and videos of the electric truck.

Some of those have leaked on social media, giving us an up-close look at the latest design features of the Cybertruck.

In a walk-around video we saw what appeared to be a bump in the dash that suggested the Cybertruck now has an instrument cluster display behind the yoke steering wheel, just like the Model and Model X.

More photos have now been shared with Tesla enthusiast Sawyer Merritt, showing the Cybertruck being driven inside the factory.

In one of the photos, we can clearly see the display behind the yoke steering wheel.

Not only do we get to see the display, we also see the large up arrow indicating this Cybertruck prototype has ‘Auto Shift out of Park‘, a feature currently only found on the Model S and Model X.

Here is what the feature looks like when attempting to go in reverse on the Model S, and not forward like in the image above.

Tesla describes Auto Shift as follows:

“The gear is chosen based on the trajectory that was taken into your current parking location, as well as information from sensors about the current environment. Always check to confirm that the gear chosen matches your expectations before you press the accelerator pedal.”

“Auto Shift out of Park will only shift gears when transitioning out of park. Shifting between forward and reverse must be performed manually using the gear shift slider on the left side of the center display. Before enabling this feature, make sure that you are familiar with the operation of the gear shift slider.”

Elon Musk has promised the feature will be coming to all FSD-equipped cars as an optional setting back in July 2021, shortly after it was first announced.

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