First Giga Texas rooftop solar panels installed revealing plans to spell TESLA

Crews at Giga Texas have started installing the first rooftop solar panels at Giga Texas.

Based on the placement of the panels, it appears as though the automaker intends to let everyone that flies above the factory know exactly who it belongs to.

Drone operators Joe Tegtmeyer and Jeff Roberts both captured footage this weekend showing the panels are being installed to spell out the word T E S L A on the rooftop.

Although only a few hundred panels have been installed so far, one can clearly make out that beginnings of either the T or E in Tesla.

Drone operator Joe Tegtmeyer attempted to visualize what the final product might look like, but in reverse since the letters will be visible from the negative space between the panels (i.e., black will be empty space, white will be solar panels).

This will cover the majority of the roof with panels, making it one of the largest, if not the largest rooftop solar panel installations in the US.

The first solar panels were delivered to Austin earlier this month, along with the necessary mounting hardware and inverters.

Tesla chose to go with panels from LONGI, which are described as the “best choice for ultra-large power plants” offering higher efficiency and better reliability than the competition.

You can watch the drone flyovers from Joe Tegtmeyer and Jeff Roberts below.

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