First Tesla Cybertruck rolls off the line at Giga Texas

The day Tesla fans have been waiting for since 2019 has finally arrived as Tesla announced this morning the first Cybertruck had been built at Giga Texas.

As Tesla has become know to do, they announced the milestone on Twitter with a picture of the first Cybertruck that rolled off the line surrounded by some very excited employees.


The first Cybertruck prototype was shown off to the world on November 21, 2019, nearly four years ago. The futuristic electric truck was originally slated to begin production in 2021, but as we all know that date has been pushed back several times, often due to factors outside of Tesla’s control. One of the biggest was the COVID pandemic, which severely disrupted supply chains around the world. Tesla also faced other issues, like battery supply issues as it ramped production of the Model Y and worked to perfect the 4680 cell production process.

Over the last few months, and in particular the last few weeks we have seen an increasing number of test Cybertrucks driving around California and Texas, suggesting production was getting very close. We have also seen leaked photos and videos from inside Giga Texas showing employees were testing and calibrating the production equipment, supporting an earlier report that in the month of July Tesla was going to start production.

Now that production has started, the question becomes when will the first deliveries take place, and when can you expect to receive your Cybertruck. Even though the first Cybertruck has now rolled off the line, we likely won’t see the first deliveries until September, as CEO Elon Musk has been suggesting. Musk has also said to not expect too many Cybertrucks to be built in 2023, as volume production won’t be reached until 2024. 

As for Canadians, the first units will be allocated to US customers, and based on how other rollouts have happened with the Model 3 and Model Y, it wouldn’t be surprising to see the first Cybertruck in Canada in mid-2024. But we hope we’re wrong.

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