Tesla adds airbag horn to yoke steering wheel following owner complaints

When Tesla first introduced the yoke steering wheel in the Model S Plaid last year, one of the top criticisms of the unconventional design was to do with the horn.

No longer could you simply slam your hand into the middle of the wheel to honk at the driver that was about to sideswipe you.

Instead, you now had to carefully touch a small capacitive button on the right side of the steering wheel.

You can also place the palm of your hand over the entire right control panel on the yoke to honk the horn, but it still wasn’t as intuitive as the original method.

It looks like Tesla has listened to feedback and added a new airbag horn in the latest Model S and Model X builds.

News of the addition was first shared on Reddit, where a photo posted by u/todd2fst4u shows what looks like a normal Model S yoke.

However there was a small sticker on top of the airbag reveals the it now acts as the horn – “AIRBAG HORN ENABLED IN SW-352573”

Unfortunately due to the angle of the photo we can’t tell if Tesla has kept the capacitive horn button on the yoke, removed it, or replaced it with a new function.

And before existing owners with the yoke get too excited, SW in this case stands for steering wheel and not software, so you won’t be able to download this new feature to your cars.

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