How-to video explains Tesla Auto Shift, yoke steering wheel controls and more

The refresh Tesla Model S is packed with new features and technology. One of the biggest visible changes to the interior is the new yoke steering wheel.

The new steering wheel comes without any stalks to control wipers, turn signals, and most importantly control gear selection.

After Tesla announced the new design in January, it was revealed the car would be able to automatically detect when it should be put in drive or reverse. As we now know, the feature is called Auto Shift, and is exclusive to the Model S and Model X refresh.

Now that the first 25 cars have been delivered, Tesla has published a video for new owners explaining how to use Auto Shift, as well as how the new yoke steering controls work for wipers, turns signals, and more.

Auto Shift

With this feature the driver simply swipes up on the touchscreen to shift into drive, or down for reverse. You can also tap on the screen to put the car into park.

Auto shift
Image via Tesla

Or you can simply come to a complete stop and unbuckle, and the car will automatically put itself into park.

If you want the car to decide for itself what gear it should be in, drivers can turn on ‘Auto Shift out of Park (Beta)’. This feature will use information gathered from the surroundings to select the gear. It will also only work when switching from park to either reverse or drive. Shifting between drive and reverse will still need to be performed manually.

Auto Shift out of park

The video also goes over how to use turn signals, how to control the speed of the wipers, and more.

You can check out the full video at

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