Tesla’s new V4 Supercharger is now open to non-Tesla vehicles

tesla v4 supercharger
Credit: Tesla

In March, Tesla unveiled its new V4 Supercharger at a Tesla Supercharger station outside of Amsterdam. However, despite being designed with other electric vehicles (EVs) in mind with a longer cord, the station was only open to Tesla vehicles in order for the automaker to test out the new equipment.

Testing didn’t take long and everything apparently went smoothly as the official Tesla Charging Twitter account announced over the weekend the first V4 Supercharger is now open to all EVs.

The new piles still have the same 250 kW maximum output but do include new and improved cords located on the outside rim. The new cord is longer which makes charging easy whether you pull in or back in.

This opening is a bit of a litmus test for other EVs as Tesla is looking to improve the usability of other EVs at Superchargers.  The company’s recent opening to charging all EVs in the US showed that although Tesla Superchargers work great on Tesla, they can present a challenge for other vehicles as there is no standardized charge port location.

Early reviews from other EV owners have been positive.

There is no word on when the first V4 Supercharger will arrive in North America. However, with positive early reviews, we hope it will happen soon!

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