Tesla building Shanghai Megafactory for Megapack batteries

While Tesla is constantly in the news for expanding its car-making capabilities, it is also ramping up its battery energy storage business. Tesla is planning a Megafactory for producing Megapacks in Shanghai, China, with an initial capacity of 10,000 units per year.

This move signifies Tesla is ready to take Megapack production out of its home country. Naturally, its first foreign stop is China, where it has found success as an EV maker.

Tesla has signed an agreement with the authorities in Lingang, Shanghai, to site the Megafactory there. The facility will be dedicated to producing Megapacks.


Tesla plans to start production in Q2 2024, with an initial capacity of 10,000 commercial energy storage batteries annually, equivalent to 40 GWh. Construction will start in Q3 2023. It will export the batteries globally when the factory comes online.

Giga Shanghai is located in Pudong, where Tesla started manufacturing EVs in 2019. The site has become its largest production facility globally. However, Tesla began hiring for a Megapack project manager position in Shanghai last month.

Tesla sells a Megapack starting at $1,879,840 in the US. Thanks to its global popularity, the product has a long waiting list extending to the first quarter of 2025. Each unit can store more than 3 MWh of energy, powering up to 3,600 homes for an hour.

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