Tesla Supercharger pricing and histograph added to mobile app

Tesla has made it easier to know how much you will be paying on your next visit to a Supercharger by adding pricing information to the mobile app. Along with pricing Tesla has also added the useful histographs to know when the busiest periods are at a particular station. Previously both of these pieces of information were only available on the in-car navigation.

Available with the most recent app update, version 4.19.5, this information is now accessible under the ‘Location’ tab on the main screen. Once there simply pan around the map to find the Supercharger station you are looking for, or type in the city or town you are travelling to in order to find the nearest Supercharger. Then tap on the Supercharger pin and the information pops up.

On this tab is real time information on the number of stalls available, the speed of the Supercharger, a histograph showing the busiest times at the station (the taller the bar, the busier it is during that hour), as well as the tiered pricing information.

You can also send the location to your car to have it automatically entered into the navigation. (h/t: Not A Tesla App)

Although this information has been around for a few weeks, Tesla also recently added real-time information on the wait times at Supercharger stations to the mobile app.

As you can see the screen shots above, Supercharging pricing in Canada is still set by the minute, even though Measurement Canada temporarily approved DC fast charging providers to bill per kWh back in February. We were expecting Tesla to quickly switch to the new pricing scheme, but a lengthy and vague application process has slowed things down.

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