Tesla V4 Supercharger first impressions and details

Tesla opened their first V4 Supercharger station in the Netherlands today, and as we expected it didn’t take long for owners to venture out to the new station and try it out. One of those owners was Steven Bink (@sbink), who shared a number of images of his experience charging his 2018 Model S 100D.

One of the new design features highlighted by Tesla was the cable length, which will allow for easier access to non-Tesla owners who have their charge ports located on other areas of the car compared to Tesla. Since the cable now docks on the outside and loops around the pedestal, the cable is estimated to be about 3 meters, or nearly 10 feet in length. That is about 30% longer than the V3 cables.


The biggest question about the V4 Supercharger is what kind of charging speeds owners could expect. Tesla hasn’t officially announced any specs but each Supercharger pedestal has a sticker detailing the voltage, current, and some other stats.

Below is a comparison of the sticker found on the V4 (left) and V3 (right), which shows the same rated voltage (1000 VDC), same operating temperatures (-30°C to +50°C). One of the differences is the IP-CODE, with the V4 rated higher at IP54 compared to the V3 at IP44.

The other difference is the rated current which is 615 amps for the new V4 Supercharger at 425 amps for the V3 stall. Add it all up and it appears the V4 Supercharger is capable of 615kW (615a at 1000V).

However the plaque on the Supercharger cabinet (the big white boxes you find at stations) shows the same stats as a V3 Supercharger with output power listed at 250kW. Since Tesla is still testing the equipment and monitoring how it performs, we should not be surprised to see these unlocked at a later date.

Those higher charging speeds though will only be available on newer Tesla vehicles like the Cybertruck, which Tesla has already said will have the ability to charge at speeds as high as 1,000 kW, or 1 MegaWatt. The higher charging speeds would also be able to other EVs that feature 800v architecture like the Porsche Taycan and Lucid Air.

You can check out more of Steven’s photos below.



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