Tesla FSD Beta v12.3 delayed in Canada for additional testing

Tesla started deploying its latest Full Self-Driving (FSD) Beta version 12.3, to the US last week, but unlike previous versions, Canada was not included in the roll out. While Tesla has not officially commented on when it will be available in Canada, or why it has been delayed, new information has been shared indicating it will be coming soon.

On Tuesday afternoon Tesla sent out its biggest wave yet of FSD Beta v12.3, included in the 2023.44.30.25 software update. According to third-party trackers, which account for a very small number of Tesla’s overall fleet, over two thousand cars were waiting to install the update at one point on Tuesday.

However, none of those vehicles were in Canada again, leading to many questions about why it hasn’t rolled out and when it might finally be released north of the border.

According to Teslascope, who spoke with one of their sources, the delay is due to additional testing that is required and specific to Canada. While that was the extent of the information that could be revealed about why, Teslascope also said that it would be released “soon, but not immediately.”

In a separate post, Teslascope said it could be just a week behind the US release, putting a potential Canadian release date of this weekend.

When it does finally arrive in Canada, it could coincide with the release of FSD subscriptions. After offering it for 3 years in the US, FSD subscriptions are finally coming to Canada, and soon. According to the latest update from Rohan Patel, Tesla’s Vice President, Public Policy and Business Development, which came on March 9, subscriptions should launch in Canada any day now.

There has been no word on pricing, but based on the monthly cost in the US, it should work out to about $270 per month in Canada.

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