Tesla Supercharger with diner and drive-in theater that accepts Dogecoin coming to Hollywood

Tesla is planning to build a new Supercharger in the Hollywood area of California. The iconic location will become the first Supercharger station to feature a diner and drive-in theater, and to top it all off, patrons will be able to pay with Dogecoin.

Tesla started accepting the cryptocurrency as a method of payment for select merchandise in their online shop last year.

The plans were revealed by CEO Elon Musk, who made the announcement following the opening of the first phase of the Santa Monica Supercharger on Friday.

The Santa Monica Supercharger, which will eventually expand to 62 stalls later this summer, was originally hoped to house the diner and drive-in theater.

Musk said he was hopeful the amenities were coming to the area after city council finally approved the station in April last year .

However, renders and plans that were created as part of the planning process showed no such amenities, with the exception of a small washroom building that will be part of the phase 2 construction.

Musk didn’t provide any further details on when this new Supercharger might open.

Tesla’s Find-Us map currently only shows one Supercharger station planned for West Hollywood, and it is targeted to open in Q2 2022.

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