Side repeater cameras to show blind spots when changing lanes in future update: Elon Musk

Tesla recently deployed a new feature via a free over-the-air (OTA) software update that turned on the side repeater cameras when the rear camera is activated, giving the driver a better view while parking to avoid curb rash.

After numerous requests by Tesla fans, Elon Musk has confirmed the same view from the side repeater cameras will be available in full-screen mode when using your turn signal in a future software update.

The current set-up of having most of the screen taken up with the rear camera, and two small views from the side repeater cameras below, makes it difficult to use as a blind spot check while driving.

Image via Ray4Tesla/Twitter

In personally testing out this new feature while driving, having both views are on the screen, and in a reduced size in the corner makes them too small to quickly be able to tell what’s happening.

By having only the relevant camera show up on the display, and in full-screen mode, it will make it much quicker, easier, and safer for you to check your blind spot while changing lanes.

Both the next generation Tesla Roadster and Cybertruck, in their current design forms, will be built without side mirrors. But before those can hit the road in North America, regulations will need to change as currently cars must have side mirrors.

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