Telsa China releases part two of their Principle of Safety video

On their Tesla Greater China YouTube channel, Telsa China released Tesla Giga Principle of Safety Part Two.

The video starts with some footage from cameras of Tesla vehicles avoiding what seems to be guaranteed accidents. Including people blowing red lights, merging into traffic and even animals crossing the road. Each time, the Tesla avoids the accident.

It then details both Autopilot and the various safety features that come standard on Tesla vehicles. Including the technology and the cameras that let it operate.

In addition, the video includes a variety of interviews with Tesla owners who have seen the safety features in action.

The video ends by speaking some facts.

First, they note that Tesla’s are three times safer than everyday human driving with safety features on.

In comparison, with Autopilot, drivers are 8.9 times safer than regular human driving.

This video is the latest in a series of videos by Tesla China to showcase the safety of the Tesla lineup.

After a year filled with recalls and several high-profile accidents, Tesla China is on the offensive.

Although sales continue to be strong, the company is looking to sure up public opinion on their vehicles and the stellar safety record of their technology.

You can check out the video below.

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