Santa Monica Tesla Supercharger is back on with 50’s style diner and movies

Proposed Santa Monica Supercharger

Elon Musk confirmed earlier today that the City of Santa Monica Supercharger station is back on. It may even include a 50’s diner and clips from the 100 best movies of all time.


This is not the first time that we have heard about the Santa Monica Supercharger. Back in March 2021, Tesla received approval to start the construction of a V3 Supercharger station.

However, Santa Monica City Council voted to include the proposed site as part of an Emergency Interim Zoning Ordinance. This ordinance prohibited non-residential development for at least 45 days and for as long as two years.

The Supercharger location was rumoured to be a kickback to the glory days of the highway rest stop. Initially, the plan included things such as a roller skate rink and even a rock & roll restaurant. However, as per the latest update, it looks like things will be a little less extravagant.

There is more to come, but in Santa Monica, you may have a V3 Supercharger station with some great food soon!

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