Elon Musk continues to escalate fight with SEC, this time on Twitter

Elon Musk is ramping up his fight against the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Yesterday, the Tesla CEO noted that he is “building a case” against the agency and that he “didn’t start the fight”, but he will “finish it”.

The situation is getting serious after allegations against the SEC appeared in court documents. As per court documents, Musk’s lawyer alleges that the SEC has some kind of vendetta against Musk and Tesla.

Evidently, Musk has something, as he finally commented outside the court. He took to Twitter and had two fascinating responses. Musk responded to a Twitter user by the name of Doctor Jack on his Tweet, saying that Tesla and Musk were building a case on the level of corruption in the SEC.

Musk did not provide more details on how he planned to finish the fight. Nor did he offer any proof that he was building a case. However, this seems like a fight that Musk and his legal team want to have.

They have called out the SEC in court and now in public. The only thing we need to wait for is a potential bombshell and how the SEC will react when it hits the media.

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