Tesla restarts construction of Creston Supercharger [British Columbia]

Tesla has started construction (again) of the Supercharger in Creston, British Columbia.

Construction was supposed to begin work at the site last October, but a reported disagreement over the location of the charging stalls from the property owner brought construction to a halt before it even began.

It looks like the disagreement has now been settled, as crews have started the groundwork and begun laying the conduit for the underground utilities this week.

Photos from in front of the Ricky’s All-Day Grill show some of the Supercharger equipment is also already on-site. (via edman_2222 on TMC)

The Creston Supercharger is located just off Hwy 3 (Crowsnest Hwy) at the Creston Ramada at 1-1809 BC-3A.

There are a number of other nearby Superchargers also under construction in Fernie, Castlegar, and Cranbrook.

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