Construction of Tesla Supercharger in Creston, BC delayed due to concerns over its location

Tesla was supposed to begin construction of a new Supercharger station in Creston, British Columbia last month.

In mid-October SparkPower brought their construction trailer and some supplies to the site at the Creston Ramada. Crews even went so far as to outline the location of the stalls in the parking lot with red spray paint.

Apparently the spray paint was too much for the property owner, who has reportedly put a halt to the construction.

According to edman_2222 on the TMC forums, the owner was concerned about the placement of the Superchargers as being too close to the Ricky’s Grill and that customers would be unable to park close to the entrance of the restaurant.

A map of the area does show the Superchargers would be just a few steps, but one has to wonder how plans were able to get as far as they did without the owner voicing a concern until now.

It is unknown at this time what the future holds for the Creston Supercharger. Tesla was hoping to have it open before the end of the year, but that appears unlikely to happen now.

The proposed site is large enough that the Superchargers could be placed behind the hotel, but connecting to utilities from that location might be a problem.

If any of our readers have more information on the situation with the Creston Supercharger, please reach out to us at

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