RIvian’s Georgia plant is facing some community opposition

Residents near the future site of Rivian’s proposed second factory near Atlanta are concerned about the plant, and its affect on their community.

The residents took their frustrations out on the four-county development authority this week.

The meeting in Madison, Georgia, attracted dozens of community members. The board sat quietly as community members spoke for more than an hour against the factory.

Layout of Rivian’s second factory in Georgia revealed in ambitious site plans

Some of the concerns included how the plant will affect labour for small businesses in the area.  While others voiced concerns over the potential industrial impacts of the plant, according to WABE.

Although there is a small group of concerned citizens, the Rivian plant will open in the community from all indications.

State leaders touted the plant as a $5 billion economic boom and a job creator for the region. The plant will eventually employ 7,500 workers.

In a statement, Rivian noted that they are still studying potential environmental and quality of life impacts the plants could bring.

The company also said it would listen to community concerns as it finalizes plans for the plant.

Rivian plans to start construction on the plant in the summer of 2022.

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