Quesnel Tesla Supercharger now open [British Columbia]

Tesla owners in British Columbia are one station closer to being able to easily drive to the northern half of the province. According to local reports the new Supercharger in Quesnel is now open.

It has been a long time coming for the Quesnel Supercharger. The site was first discovered in May when it was already mostly complete, indicating construction likely began in late April.

Quesnel Tesla Supercharger found under construction and near completion [British Columbia]

The site has been sitting dormant since then waiting to be energized by BC Hydro and finally activated by Tesla. That happened this afternoon, with a Tesla Mobile Ranger confirming to an owner that the site was turned on this afternoon.

The Quesnel Supercharger is located at 890 Rita Road along Hwy 97. A total of 8 V3 stalls are available and 3 FLO DC fast chargers were also turned on this afternoon.

Cache Creek was activated earlier this month, leaving just Williams Lake and Prince George to be activated before the northern route is completed.

If any of our readers are in the area and can get a picture of the active Superchargers, please send it to tips@driveteslacanada.ca or post it to Twitter and tag us.

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