First Tesla Supercharger in Athens, Greece nearly complete

Shortly after announcing the first Service Center will be opening in Greece this month, the first Tesla Supercharger in the country has begun construction.

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Spotted by the Tesla Fans Greece Twitter account, the new Supercharger station is located near the Olympic Stadium in Athens. The Golden Hall shopping mall is also nearby, where Tesla opened a pop-up store from September to December last year.

It is difficult to tell from the pictures, but it appears it will have at least 5 stalls (likely 6-8) when it opens in the first quarter, according to Tesla’s updated Supercharger map.

In August last year the automaker opened the Design Studio to customers in Greece, allowing them to place the first orders for the Model SModel 3, and Model X, At the time deliveries were estimated to begin in November, but the website is now showing the first deliveries are expected next month.

Design Studio Greece

The Model S in Greece starts at €83,990 ($132,500 CAD), the Model 3 Standard Range Plus (SR+) can be ordered for €45,990 ($72,500 CAD), while the Model X starts at €89,990 ($141,900 CAD).

h/t: @MontrealTesla

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